Free 90 Day Trial Period

I was forwarned by my mother that about three months after moving I’d wake up one day and ask myself what the hell I’d done. That three month mark passed just this week and I must say, I’m impressed with my perspective. No part of the last 90 days has been particularly easy to come by or natural. As it’s been a struggle to learn the geography and gain a new sense of direction and more importantly learn the personalities of so many new people. Although, isn’t that what life is all about? Exploring the unknown and travelling uncharted waters? It’s been pretty exhilerating to have the chance to create the life I want. Yes, that forwarned advice from my mother was accurate, I did indeed wake up some days with an my heart racing, seeking validation of this decision. Somedays I’d catch myself day dreaming of my old life and what I might have been doing at that very moment. Despite those actualities, I also take a step back multiple times a week and admire what my life has developed into. While I spent much of the past two years focusing mearly on my social life or work ethic, there were so many components of that life I knew I needed to incorporate into my new goals. I realized, as my parents always taught me, life is about balance. About compromise. While some aspects of my life didn’t work for me back then, it was because they were extremes. Partying too much, working too much. Since moving my focus became school and education, my career. Again, it became an extreme. For almost three months I neglected my natural social tendancies and needs and this week I’ve finally succeeded in combining the two. At last I’m beginning to create a great circle of people around me and maintaining those goals I’ve worked so hard to achieve. I have two interviews for summer internships next week and am hopeful I’ll land one of them! Lesson of the day- balance, compromise, moderation.

For lack of words

This week I spent the majority of my time finishing up the article I am soon to have published and began my personal essay for my college applications. A bit draining, as I am my biggest critique. And at the end of the week and now weekend, I’ve worn myself down mentally and physically- having gone to the gym for two hours today, followed by an extensive walk. Instead of putting together a piece of crap ramble, I’d rather share a few photos I took while on my little adventure. Enjoy

Progression not perfection

This is officially my first mobile post sent via my shattered iPhone… Not even going to go there. It seems there’s been a bit of a gap since my last ramble and I must admit, I’m not happy about it. Considering the content of my last ramble (juggling three jobs) it has created difficulty to focus on writing. I don’t remember my last day off. Granted, I’m very fortunate and shouldn’t complain, but it’s hard not to feel run down and at a breaking point.

I’m a natural workaholic. I’ve always managed to revolve my life around my jobs and maintain my work ethic… It is truly my downfall. I find my priorities and interests geared more towards working vs my education, health, or necessities. In other terms- I have let go of a lot of important things in my life or put them on the back burner so that I could thrive in my job. In many ways I’m proud of myself for having such a great work ethic as young as I am , but in the most profound way I am fed up and disappointed in the routine.

This past summer I reflected on this subjected and realized that the things which I listed previously that were neglected such as: my education, health, and living necessities needed to now come first. I decided to make that change with one huge step- moving to Massachusetts. Six months later, here I am. Yes, finally focusing on my academics. Preparing to take two tests I should have taken in high school and composing a hopefully near perfect admissions essay so I can begin the application process. Finally eating a healthy diet. Consisting of oatmeal for breakfast every morning, low sodium soups and salads for lunches, spring veggies and grilled chicken for dinner and yogurt, hummus & carrots, and gluten free crackers for snacks. The most important component to my healthy diet includes this thing called, not drinking. As in not drinking alcohol. And lastly, going to the gym at least 3 times a week and going on walking adventures through the town. I’ve come a long way in just under two months. But am now at a crossroads.

It is human nature to make the same mistake not only twice, but hundreds of times. Which is what I believe I am in the middle of doing right now. I have warped right back into a workaholic. Slowly but surely I have now neglected what I wanted to be my New priorities since the move. I hadn’t written in my blog for over a week , hadn’t gone to the gym, and most importantly haven’t studied in at least a week.

I did not leave everything that I knew behind, quit my job, move thousands of miles across the country, and miss my best friends wedding to simply restart all of my old habits. I came to make changes. I came to clear my mind, prioritize, and accomplish everything I’ve wanted.

With that said, I have decided to limit myself to two jobs and maximum 25hrs of work a week. I need to keep in mind that I have my whole life to work… Literally. I’ve already asked this once, but does retirement even exist anymore? My point being, Ive got to keep myself in check. I’ve come way too far to let my goals slip through my fingers.

Time to enjoy my chai tea latte and listen to “stand by me” at the local cafe I’m sitting in. Lesson of the day: Stay true to yourself.

Good vibes

There is nothing better than good music. A couple new, a couple old, all amazing. Enjoy

Who’da thunk

It would have never occurred to me that in an economy so unstable, my biggest problem would be organizing my schedule for my now three jobs. Having worked at the same restaurant for the past few years, I watched and observed the many that would come in, apply, and get turned down. We simply had no room for growth in our employment, along with the rest of the country. It wasn’t to say these prospective workers weren’t cut out or up to par- I’m sure they had degrees and experience that could impress even the owner. But in this rough time those successes don’t account for much. So, with my decision to leave my job, leave my home and city and move across the country to a town where I know only two people (my aunt and uncle), I was fairly certain I’d be job hunting for a few months. I estimated that I’d get a job about April when the season started to warm up. Not only was I a few months off and got a job my fourth day in town, but was hired last friday at another restaurant, and again today at another restaurant. Technically speaking, I have not been here for a month and now have to figure out/ decide what to do with balancing potentially three jobs if I decide to, or which one to cut out of my schedule. It’s difficult to wrap my head around the concept, keeping in mind there are millions of people who are looking for just one job. My point in this ramble isn’t to brag about how many places I can be hired, its to show a) motivation in those looking for jobs – there are places hiring!- and b) that these hires aren’t just job opportunities… to me, its the worlds way of proving I made the right decision in moving. It’s like natural validation. It’s a sign that I’m where I am supposed to be and that the universe is helping create my new and many possibilities. Tomorrow hits the one month anniversary of my move, so this journey has only just begun! I can’t wait for what’s next…

Probably the best song ever written

The origin of Rykap

Not that you particularly want or need to know, but I figured I’d give an explanation to my blogs URL and true name- Rykap. It began some time ago, a time before cell phones and digital cameras. Before blogs existed and the internet for that matter. There was a young married couple, ready to embark into the world of screaming babies and poopy diapers. As the first child arrived they wanted to incorporate a pattern in the family, something unique. Naming each kid with the same letter was outdated and unoriginal. Instead, they found a common denominator amongst themselves. Dana…Mark…Dana…Mark, ah hah! Four letter names! So the first child was named Ryan and the second child, me, was named Kali. No, it isn’t pronounced Cali, its Kay-lee. But because of their creativity and master plan, the spelling Kaylee or Kaleigh wouldn’t fit the four letter description. Instead, the Hawaiian spelling “Kali” would be the only appropriate candidate. However I found out ¬†on my most recent Hawaiian vacation that it is in fact pronounced “Kaw-lee” and translates in English to “Gary.” Which is still only four letters so I suppose it works either way. So there we were. Four peas in a pod with four letter names. Mark, Dana, Ryan, Kali.

Now fast forwarding to age 5 or so. My dad has always had a knack for illustrating and design (he is quite talented). Since I can remember he’s made individual Christmas and birthday cards for us, which I’ve managed to save almost all of. He likes to create his own logos for his material, like Hallmark or any card company has. The first one I can remember seeing on the back of our cards was a fusion between mine and my brothers names. Ry from Ryan and Ka from Kali, Ryka. Ryka Designs. It wasn’t a tricky combination. Wasn’t difficult to pronounce or read, rolled right off the tongue. Since that time he has created many others, but I think Ryka was and has always been my favorite. With the last name Platt, I added one more letter onto our duo and there we have it- Rykap. But its far more than just a fusion of our names. In essence, it stood for the duo that we were. As I’ve said in other rambles, my brother and I have always had an unspoken agreement on our friendship. Yeah, we fight. We fight like there’s no tomorrow, but we also have this great understanding of one another. We know what the other senses or feels. We feed off of each others energies and quickly catch on if something is bothersome. In a childhood where we were pointed in so many different directions and living a bit out of the ordinary; we were one of the only consistencies in each others lives. Like a real Bat Man and Robin or Tom and Jerry. I think it was only natural to rebel against one another now and then growing up, don’t siblings do that? But there was never a day I wasn’t defending my brother to others. Many days I forgot I was the younger sibling, because I found myself acting as a defensive older sister, disregarding the fight we got in hours earlier.

We’ve grown up and kept that same unspoken agreement. We travel well together, fearing nothing in our path. We both seek adventure and are intrigued by many of the same things. We work well in social engagements, until too many drinks are involved… then I can’t promise anything. We’re always on the same page about politics or religion and find ourselves on hour long rants about new stories in media. Even more often than that we find ourselves discussing our parents, another thing we’ve always agreed on. I won’t lie and have already said it, but yes there have been plenty of rough patches along the way and I’m sure more to come. But when I reflect on the relationship I have with my brother, I am so happy to have had the memories I do. So happy to call him my best friend and be able to share the experiences we have. I use the phrase, ‘unspoken agreement’ because it is something difficult to describe or define. I can’t quite hit the nail as to what makes our dynamic so great, but not everything needs to be analyzed and picked apart. Many of life’s greatest wonders have yet to be explained in the history of man kind, so I’m okay with the unknown. What I am aware of is that I’ve got the greatest brother, friend, defender, side-kick that I could ever need or want. And so I continue to use my dads creative junction, as the title of this blog, as potentially a name for my own child, and hopefully as a tattoo eventually.

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